Medical cannabis safe alternative to painkillers, says advocate Lucy Haslam

Published by External Author,
12, Sep

Written by: Jamieson Murphy

SAFE ALTERNATIVE: Lucy Haslam said medical cannabis could be used to treat chronic pain, and was safer than opioids

Recently, The Leader reported drug overdoses have more than tripled in the Tamworth region and doubled in the Armidale area during the past decade. Opioids were the main offender.

Mrs Haslam said in the United States, where opioid overdoses have become an increasingly prominent problem, medical cannabis was often used as a safer alternative to traditional pain medication.

Lucy Haslam is a Tamworth advocate and mother who has campaigned for the legalisation of medical cannabis after her son, Dan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Dan passed away in 2015, but his story sparked a national conversation about medicinal cannabis use.

It is almost physically impossible to overdoes on cannabis because of the massive quantity you would have to consume.

Lucy Haslam

“90 per cent of medical cannabis is used to treat chronic pain,” Mrs Haslam said.

“The statistics are starting to reflect that, there is a strong correlation in the reduction of deaths from opioid overdoes in states where medical cannabis, or cannabis in general, has been legalised.

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