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Dr Joel Wren, General Practitioner

GP Registrar

Personal Statement

Dr Joel Wren

Dr Joel Wren is a GP and cannabis clinician working in Adelaide, South Australia.

Joel has long been fascinated with plant-based pharmaceuticals, growing to appreciate the potential of our natural world. Seeing his patients' hunger for natural medicines prompted him to learn more about holistic health, taking into consideration every aspect of a patient's health journey including social, mental, physical, and nutritional health.

Joel was chosen to present to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) on behalf of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians to discuss the rescheduling of cannabis from archaic classifications. He has since become the Vice-President of the Australian Chapter.

When Joel isn’t working, he’s looking after his 3 dogs and advocating for animal wellbeing, understanding that their journey can be as important and complicated as our own.

Watch Dr Joel Wren’s statement on cannabis to the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Vice President of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians Australian Chapter

Medical cannabis qualifications:

+ Mediuhanna Educator

+ Medical Cannabis Institute (Basics & Clinical Practice Cannabis)

+ Greenly Health


+ Doctor of Medicine (MD)

+ Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM)

+ Sydney Child Health Program graduate

Special Interests:

+ Palliative Care

+ Mental Health